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We’re rethinking plant records through user-centred design and technology

We believe technology should be reliable, feel effortless and provide new opportunities and above all, make it easier for botanical collection holders to reach their goals in the important work they do. The concerns and needs of the community are our driving force and inspiration.

Botanical Solutions at Species360

At Species360, our mission is to help institutions to better manage their zoological, aquatic and botanical collections, and to inform global species conservation efforts. We’re a non-profit tech company serving over 1,400 members in nearly 100 countries around the world.

In December 2022, the team at Botanical Software joined Species360 as the newly formed Botanical Solutions department, expanding our mission to include plant species conservation.

With more than a decade of experience working on developing plant records solutions for the community of botanic gardens, Botanical Software had recently started working on the next generation plant record system Hortis.

Hortis, launched in 2021, is a plant collection platform which extends beyond the traditional definition of a plant records system. Our aim is to redefine the role and usefulness of plant records in botanic gardens through innovation.

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We’re a product-focused team dedicated to building better analytical tools for botanic gardens. We’re a friendly bunch — come and say hi : )

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Havard Ostgaard
Director of Botanical Solutions, Species360

Founder of Botanical Software and Hortis. Enjoys the outdoors and his dachshunds as often as he can.

Waheed Arshad, PhD
Botanical Scientist & Product Analyst

Earned a PhD with RBG Kew and is an elected Fellow of the Linnean Society of London. Occasionally tweets, and loves birds.

Miles Crighton
Technical Lead & Senior Software Engineer

Product-focused engineer with a penchant for prioritisation. Often found tinkering with designs in Figma.

Dave Twomey
Seniour Product Designer

Human-focused designer, following the ‘done is better than perfect’ maxim. Perfection is fine too btw.

Curtis Campbell
Software Engineer

A seasoned code crafter and algorithm aficionado. After-hours drone builder & herbal tea connoisseur.

Jamie Penn
Business Development Representative

Business development specialist in gardens and plant records. Usually tending chickens in the garden or exploring with two golden retrievers.


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