Full time
For regular contributors
per user / month
Billed annually
Flexible days
For occasional contributors
per user / day
Billed annually
All features are included
  • Add more full-time users as you grow

  • Minimum of 1 full-time seat required

  • Add flexible days for occasional users

All features are included
  • Add an unlimited number of occasional users

  • Viewing data is always free

  • Purchase in 90-day blocks

  • Any unused days will roll over each year

Pricing calculator
USD / year
$540 / year
Data transfer

Whether you have many or few accessions, we are experienced in transferring data from all types of databases, collection management systems, and spreadsheets.

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Economy adapted pricing

Our mission is global – therefore, we are offering pricing that is adapted to your local economy.

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  • Search & edit data in the map

  • Add new & existing materials

  • Move plant material quickly & accurately


  • Upload from mobile or desktop

  • Set featured photos for records

  • Explore photos of related material, accessions, & taxa

Audit log

  • See every change that is made

  • Look through historic changes

  • Soft delete & restore

Data table / list view

  • Search and create powerful filters

  • Download your data to CSV

  • Switch between plant material & accession records

Plant material observations

  • See alerts for overdue follow-ups

  • Quickly record the condition and date

  • Easily change follow-up schedules


  • See total collection numbers for accessions, materials, and taxa

  • Quickly access your data

  • Chart your collection based on provenance

Automatic software updates

  • Works on any browser / device

  • No need to install software updates

  • Say goodbye to compatibility issues

Regional cloud data hosting

  • Host your data in your region

  • GDPR compliant

  • Data is always synced across all devices


  • Phone, video chat, & email support

  • Domain experts available

  • Friendly and knowledgable

Google / Microsoft SSO

  • Advanced security & authorisation

  • Integrate with your organisation's IT

  • Login quickly & easily from anywhere

Responsive design

  • Tablet, mobile, and desktop ready

  • Take your work out into the garden

  • Design that adapts to the device you’re using

Community webinars

  • Training & support

  • Collection management best practices

  • Join a growing community

Is there any installation or maintenance required?

There is no installation or maintenance required to use Hortis. Every time you use Hortis, you are using the latest version without the need to update. Simply open a web-browser using your mobile, tablet, or desktop to get going.

Is there a free trial available?

You can trial Hortis for free by completing this simple form. Get in touch and we will send instructions to get you and your colleagues started.

What are flexible days?

Flexible days are credits that are intended for occasional users of Hortis. This is particularly useful for volunteers, part-time staff, and busy times in the garden, when you might require a larger amount of editing capacity. Flexible days can be purchased in blocks of 90.

All users can view data for free. However, when they make changes to their data, they become billable users and consume a flexible day. Flexible days run from midnight to midnight your local time.

Can I transfer my data from spreadsheets, databases, or other systems?

Yes, we can help transfer your data to ensure a seamless onboarding experience. There may be a cost for data transfer, dependent on the size and complexity of your dataset. If you would like to discuss your transfer requirements, feel free to get in touch.

What happens if we cannot afford to pay for the service?

If you are unable to pay, we will eventually have to deactivate the account. However, unless you have explicitly asked us to delete the account, we will keep the account on stand-by for one year to enable you to easily reactivate the account again.

When will Hortis have the features we are looking for?

Hortis will gradually offer all capabilities that large botanical institutions are looking for. Many capabilities will be included directly within Hortis but, with our service-oriented architecture, additional capabilities will be available through software integration.

One of our key goals is to keep the product light yet powerful to allow a very high level of staff participation and avoid a bloated user experience. Being a cloud-based product, our team of engineers can deploy new updates at a very different rate than with other software platforms.

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