Floria Handheld update and Upcoming Webinar on Collection Value Scoring

Havard Ostgaard
August 9, 2021

Floria Handheld Update

With the latest version of IrisBG, the Data Import required by the Floria App Manager is again made available to IrisBG users. With the latest version of Floria App Manager (Version 5.1), you can now synchronize with the recent IrisBG Desktop version (Version 4.4.1).  Floria App Manager remains compatible with IrisBG Desktop versions 3.6.4 up until version 4.2.5 and we are hopeful that the IrisBG data import interface will remain stable and reliable going forward. If you are uncertain about compatibility, check for updated information on our download page.

Webinar on 12th August – Plant Collection Value Scoring: More than just a number?

Join our next webinar on the 12th August will explore collection value scoring. Details about the event will be sent to all blog subscribers.  For more details on how to sign up, visit our plant records webinar page. Hope to see you there.

As usual, this and other webinars from our series are available to view on the Botanical Software Youtube Channel.

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