Hortis for Education: Nurturing the Next Generation of Botanists

Waheed Arshad, PhD
January 17, 2024

Botanic gardens have long been hailed as the guardians of biodiversity, preserving our planet's plant species for future generations. Among the myriad challenges, one often overlooked aspect is the power of education in fostering a broader understanding and appreciation of the world of plants.

Plant collections are not mere repositories of plant life; in fact, they are living classrooms where the intricate stories of flora unfold. Education is often essential to a garden's mission. Yet, the significance of teaching record-keeping and the pivotal role of good data often remain understated.

Record-Keeping and the Role of Good Data

Hortis for Education bridges the gap between knowledge and action by making plant record-keeping accessible to educational institutions worldwide. Recognizing that the foundation of botanical understanding lies in good-quality data capture and management, Hortis empowers educators and students to cultivate a deeper connection with biodiversity through accurate and comprehensive record-keeping practices.

By instilling the importance of maintaining precise and up-to-date data, Hortis ensures that the educational journey extends beyond the aesthetic beauty of plants to the essential backbone of conservation – reliable and well-documented information. In doing so, Hortis equips the next generation of botanists and horticulturists with the practical skills necessary to contribute actively to the diverse missions of botanic gardens.

A new approach to learning with Hortis

With Hortis for Education, we want to empower institutions to transform the traditional classroom into a space where students can explore biodiversity through a contemporary and interactive platform.

Real-time learning

Harnessing the power of live data from your botanical collection, Hortis allows students to delve into the world of plants in real-time. Whether you have rare species or native flora at your doorstep, every plant record tells a story.

Hands-on experience

Hortis goes beyond textbooks, providing students with hands-on experience in managing plant collections. From documenting species to understanding the importance of accurate nomenclature, Hortis cultivates practical skills crucial for future horticulturists.

Interconnected learning network

Hortis creates a collaborative network of aspiring botanists. This interconnectedness enables the exchange of knowledge, diverse experiences, and a shared dedication to advancing biodiversity education around the world.

Record and learn

As an option, you can configure a new teaching site for each class, allowing students to build a complete set of plant records from scratch during their semester. Our comprehensive audit logs will give you full insight into all the students' recordkeeping activities. The teaching site can co-exist with your permanent plant records.

Pricing simplified for seamless adoption

With Hortis for Education, we understand that each educational institution has unique needs and aspirations. Our carefully crafted pricing model is designed to ensure accessibility for institutions of all sizes, from small local schools to large universities.

We offer a range of flexible plans, allowing you to tailor your experience based on your specific requirements. Whether you are embarking on a small-scale initiative or integrating Hortis as a cornerstone of your teaching curriculum, our cost-effective solutions provide unparalleled value.

By choosing Hortis for Education, you're not just adopting a record-keeping platform but investing in the future of botanical education. Join the growing community of institutions that have witnessed a transformative impact on their collection management. Contact us today to explore the pricing options and discuss how Hortis for Education can seamlessly integrate into your educational environment.

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