Newsletter: February 2023

Dr Waheed Arshad
March 3, 2023

In February, we continued making improvements throughout Hortis. With our new map preview, you can map positions while accessioning, as well as view the location of your material on the individual record. We also released the ability to delete unwanted bed locations. Read more about February’s highlights below.

Add map positions during accessioning

Add the position of your materials while accessioning. Under the “Map position” header of your newly-added plant material, you can either use your map to set the position or you can input coordinates (decimal degrees). This is complemented with a new map preview on plant material records. This shows you where the material is on your map.

Delete unwanted bed locations

You can now see the list of collection sites that you are a member of, with the option of joining and leaving sites based on your needs. Changing the name of your organisation is also a couple of taps away in the organisation general settings page. Note that only Admins have the option to do this.

Keep your feedback coming!

Thanks to your feedback and the joys of continuous deployment, we are constantly making improvements and fixes throughout the app. Your feedback is, as always, the driving force and inspiration for all the work we do.

Throughout February, we were able to release several minor but valuable improvements that make Hortis easier to use: from enhanced notifications when creating accessions, automatic scrolling to error messages, and clearer actions to help you add photographs.

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To access a complete list of all the updates, please visit the Release Notes page.

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