May 9, 2023

Manage your taxa with local taxonomy

Enhance your taxonomic data as we introduce taxon records, enabling you to record author citations, common names, and notes. Browse all taxa from your organisation or individual collection sites, and enjoy more efficient accessioning. This pivotal milestone also opens up exciting future possibilities for integration with taxonomic datasets.

Full list of new taxonomy-related features:

  • Taxon record page with activity log and related accessions and plant materials
  • List of taxa for the Organisation and Collection Sites, including searching, sorting & filtering
  • Taxon in “breadcrumb” navigation scheme for all records 
  • Create, update and archive taxa within your organisation
  • View activity related to taxa on site dashboards
  • Select from your taxa (or add a new taxon) when creating accessions
  • Download list of taxa as CSV


  • Show most recent site in navigation when visiting organisation pages
  • Location input now filters by code and additionally location name
  • Fixed date picker formatting in NZ locale
April 13, 2023

Updated navigation and material received filter

Revamped navigation experience

The navigation side bar just got a fresh update. Enjoy a more intuitive and streamlined experience as you find your way around our platform.

New filter for "Material Received"

You can now easily filter your list of accessions based on the type of material received (such as Plant, Seed, Cutting, etc.). Like all of our filters, this can be combined with the search bar for a more powerful search.


  • Fixed map incorrectly displaying site center on desktop
March 30, 2023

Enhanced dashboard with team activity

Your garden's activity, at a glance

The dashboard has been enhanced with a new activity card, showing recent record changes to accessions or materials.

You can also see historical counts of records, including changes to your totals compared to the past month. Tap the helper text for more information on how those record totals are calculated.

Starting with a fresh site without any records? Your provenance chart awaits...

March 29, 2023

Tag settings

Easier tag management with filters

We have freshened up the Settings page for Tags. With our new filters, you can manage your Tags more easily by using the tabs to find your Accession or Plant Material Tags.


  • Added remove button to map position field
  • Removed other plant markers in map position previews
March 6, 2023

Material condition filter

Filter plant materials based on condition

Looking for all your materials that are a certain condition? Use our new filter where you can choose one or more conditions to match. Remember, like any of our other filters, you can combine this with the search field.

February 22, 2023

Delete locations

Delete unwanted bed locations

Deleting locations is now possible in your collection site's Settings. A handy dialog box will also prevent you from deleting the location if there are non-absent materials still assigned at the location. Any location names that have been deleted will show with a strikethrough in the Activity Log of the record.

Improvements & fixes:

  • Fixed issue with updated dates being one day different in certain time zones
February 10, 2023

Add map positions during accessioning

Map your materials while accessioning, and view map previews on records

You can now add the position of your materials while accessioning, making it easier to add coordinate data to your material records. This is complemented with a new map preview on plant material records. This shows you where the material is on your map.

Improvements & fixes:

  • Improved error visibility on various form inputs
  • Form flow navigation and layouts tidied
  • Forms will now scroll to errors once submitted
  • Success notification now shows created accession/material number
  • Add photo actions are now clearer
  • Date selection display once submitted now fixed
January 31, 2023

Collection Site Memberships, Organisation name updates

Join and leave collection sites

You can now see the list of collection sites that you are a member of, with the option of joining and leaving sites based on your needs.

Update organisation name

Need to make changes to the name of your organisation? You can do so by heading to the organisation general settings page. Note that only Admins have the option to do this.

January 31, 2023

Improvements to creating accessions, and list filtering

Improved flow for creating accessions and adding plant materials

The accessioning form now skips the Collection Data screen if your selected Provenance is Garden (G) or Uncertain (U). We have also clarified the steps required to add material, to enable you to get the most out of mapping and adding photographs.

List filters are now retained

Hortis now remembers which Filters you applied to your List, when you navigate in and out of individual records. Remember to tap "Clear Filters" if you want to see your entire List.

Other improvements

  • Login pages have been freshened up
  • Fixed material weight/quantity toggle correctly clearing data
  • Fixed accession date label inconsistencies
  • Fixed country flags appearing pixelated
  • Fixed change collection site showing multiple active sites
January 24, 2023

Updates to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

Updates to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

In light of joining Species360, we have updated our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Our commitment remains unchanged to your privacy and dedication to protect you, your data and your experience on the Hortis platform.

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