Newsletter: February 2024

Waheed Arshad, PhD
March 5, 2024

Building on the recent release of the shared taxonomic backbone, we have added factual data to help you with additional details about your taxa, drastically reducing the time required for you to source this information from external sources. From natural distribution to IUCN Red List status, you can more easily look at the impact of your collection.

Read more about how February’s highlights can help you with your record-keeping, and don’t miss our webinar tomorrow for zoos and aquariums!

Shared taxonomic data

Are you a conservation enthusiast or just curious about the impact of your collection? Do you have difficulties sourcing factual data for your taxa? Hortis now provides natural distribution, life form, IUCN Red List status and climate – all without the need for any action!

  • View and filter IUCN Red List status, life forms, native distribution and climate in data tables for all record types
  • New derived data section on taxa pages displaying additional fields, including link to IUCN Red List evaluation
  • New IUCN Red List donut to dashboard showing breakdown of statuses in the collection site
  • Native distribution is now derived from metadata and can be overridden using existing interpretation field
  • New taxa columns are now available when downloading record CSVs
  • For more details on how IUCN assessments were handled using Plants of the World Online as the backbone, see here

Batch delete and expand photos

Batch delete your accessions, plant materials, and taxa with greater convenience. Simply check the boxes for the records you wish to delete, to send them to the Site Trash (note, any record can be restored from the Site Trash). We have also improved the experience you have when viewing photos, making it easier throughout the app to find photos, navigate through them, and to mark individual photos as featured.

A New Dawn for Plant Records at Zoos and Aquariums

Since we at Species360 extended our mission and product portfolio to include support for plant records, many members have joined the community, and we have added many exciting features to improve the efficiency and quality of record-keeping. If you are a zoo or aquarium, looking to learn more about how we can help you and your team, sign up to one of our record-keeping webinars here.

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