Share your collection online now: June 2024 Highlights

Waheed Arshad, PhD
July 3, 2024

The standout feature of the month was the introduction of Public Sites, a powerful tool that allows you to share your collection online. You can now increase your collection’s visibility around the world, opening up new avenues for educational outreach and public engagement.

In addition to Public Sites, new batch actions and user filters have been added to help you manage your data. Updated pricing plans are unveiled, and we are back from another successful annual conference with the American Public Gardens Association (APGA). Read more about June’s highlights below.

Share your collection online with Public Sites

Ready to showcase your collection to the world? Now you can fulfill your educational mission by making your collection public! Simply turn on the toggle in Settings to instantly boost your collection’s visibility with a shareable link. Let your visitors explore your collection from the comfort of their homes or while strolling through your garden. With powerful new batch actions, you can selectively make items public, giving you complete control over what you share. Read more here.

Creator and Last Editor filters

Finding staff contributions is now easier with our new "Creator" and "Last Editor" filters. These filters enable you to quickly locate records based on who added or last modified them. Whether you’re collaborating with a large team or tracking changes for audit purposes, you now have a clear overview of your collection’s history and contributions. Simply tap "View" to customise your table to show and hide these new columns. Read more here.

Enhanced pricing options

We’re excited to announce new pricing plans tailored to better meet the diverse needs of our community. Our updated pricing structure offers more flexibility and value, ensuring that institutions of all sizes and missions can maximize their experience with Hortis. Whether you're a small organization just starting, or a large institution with extensive collections, we have a plan that fits your budget and requirements. Existing users will be transitioned to these new plans at the end of their current billing cycle, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted service for all. An email to existing users will be sent out with more information.

Thriving through change: How Hortis has helped plant records at Hertfordshire Zoo

In the latest entry of our blog series, we hear about the journey at Hertfordshire Zoo, a family-run institution nestled in the scenic Broxbourne Woods of Hertfordshire, UK. Matt Berridge, Deputy Head Gardener, shares his story. If you are a zoo or aquarium looking for inspiration to kickstart your plant records, then take a read here.

Thanks for joining us in Boston

Thank you to everyone who visited our talk and exhibit, and for the stimulating conversations throughout the week. It was fantastic to hear from the community and exchange insights on the future of collection management and public engagement. We look forward to building on these conversations and supporting your efforts in preserving and showcasing collections worldwide.

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