Newsletter: March 2022

Waheed Arshad, PhD
April 6, 2022

March is upon us, and in this month’s “What’s New In Hortis”, our feature highlights include improved scientific name search, the ability to add new site locations, and a redesigned Settings page structure. Learn more about selected picks from March below.

Our monthly highlights for March

Improved scientific name search

Our improved search algorithm for scientific names is now stricter when your search term is correctly spelled. The new implementation is more useful as it will prioritize a stricter search, but switch over to a more generous approximation search if no matching names are found using a closer matching algorithm.

Our new adaptive search algorithm also allows you to search using rootwords as wildcards. For example, searching for ‘Rho’ will return Rhodamnia, Rhodiola, Rhododendron, etc., while searching for ‘Rho abe’ will return Rhododendron aberconwayi and associated taxa. This will allow you to be more streamlined when searching within your collection.

Add New Site Locations whilst recording plant material

When updating or recording new plant material, you can now add new locations “on the fly”. By typing the new name, you will be given the option to add the new location. By selecting ‘Add new location’, you can then update the location code and name in a separate dialogue. The ability to view and add to your site locations is now accessible via Settings, where editing will soon follow.

New Settings structure

Our Settings pages have been updated with a new layout and structure to help you find what you are looking for. Under Organisation, the names of any organisations of which you are a member are listed. Under Account, you can change your password, change your garden, or switch on experimental features. The new Members page also provides you with a complete list of all authorised users and their account activation status.

To access a complete list of all the updates, please visit the release notes page.

What’s coming next?

Amongst other minor improvements, our top priority for the next month is to roll out Mapping.

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