Newsletter: November 2023

Waheed Arshad, PhD
December 1, 2023

In November, we introduced trash pages to give you more confidence in deleting and retrieving records. We've also made technical progress behind the scenes with extending shared taxonomy to species level, which we expect to be released soonTM.

Read on to learn more about how to use the trash pages, and to learn about our special webinar for the BGANZ and Pacific Coast community.

Trash pages

Ever felt anxious deleting records, accidentally losing crucial data? Now, you can easily review and restore needed records from your "trash" with the new "Site Trash Pages". This complements our audit logs that were added to Hortis early on, ensuring every change, even deletions, is securely stored.

To use this feature, select "Site Trash" from the menu next to your site name in the navigation bar, or “Taxa Trash” from the menu next to your organisation name. This update ensures a more secure, manageable, and user-friendly experience in handling your unwanted records.

Our final plant records webinar for 2023

In a special session for the Botanic Gardens of Australia and New Zealand (BGANZ) and the Pacific Coast community, we will revisit how to stay current with plant names and how shared taxonomy might impact your daily record-keeping workflows.

Don't miss our session as we also reveal our roadmap for 2024! To join our session, simply use this link and add the event to your calendar – don’t forget to come with ideas for what’s on your record-keeping wish-list!

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