Newsletter: October 2023

Waheed Arshad, PhD
November 1, 2023

October has been a busy month for the team and we released several noteworthy updates – from data tables, donor/supplier autocomplete, and identification fields – each of which is designed to help you be more productive and accurate in your record keeping.

Read on to discover how this month's exciting new features can help you and your collection management.

Enhanced Data Tables

Are you tired of juggling spreadsheets? Our updated data tables, equipped with new columns, advanced filters, and enhanced sorting options are more user-friendly than ever and give you flexible approach to viewing your collection data.

The fresh layout includes new show & hide capabilities for columns, photo and note previews, plus overdue dates for your observations. Use the View button to see viewing and sorting options, including the filter to show or hide your absent plant materials.

With this comprehensive upgrade, you can experience a more seamless and efficient way of viewing and managing your data in Hortis.

Donor/Supplier Autocomplete

Say hello to our new Donor/Supplier autocomplete feature! With suggestions from existing organization donors/suppliers, the process of recording this data is now  made more efficient, with improved data consistency.

Identification Verification Fields

Document taxonomic identification details using our newly introduced fields. These are specifically designed to help you accurately record the certainty of plant material identification, aligning with established bioinformatics standards.

What's more, the determination history is retained for the accession on the activity log, ensuring a comprehensive and transparent overview of current and previous identifications.

If you would like to utilise this feature, make sure you enable this from the Settings screen.

Streamlined Data Export with Selective Downloads

Users can now download selected records with a more streamlined data retrieval experience. With this feature, accessing specific subsets of data becomes a straightforward process and gives you more control over your data exports.

Other improvements

We've been hard at work incorporating your valuable feedback, resulting in a series of notable improvements across the platform.

From small user experience enhancements to optimising navigation and usability, the wonders of cloud-based deployment means that all users always have the latest version of Hortis whenever they log in.

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