July 26, 2023

IPEN numbers (and other opt-in fields)

IPEN numbers can now be recorded and filtered on the accession. This has been introduced as an "opt-in" field (along with Tag Number), with easy toggle controls for these fields in your Collection Site Settings.

With the new opt-in toggles, you can now choose to hide fields and inputs that are not relevant to your site's specific requirements. This customisation reduces clutter and ensures a more intuitive user experience for sites that do not utilise IPEN numbers or Tag Numbers.

Improvements & fixes

  • Added contains operation to tags filters
  • Improved indication of no changes on numeric dashboard cards
July 18, 2023

Deactivating users

Admins now have the ability to deactivate users to prevent access to their organisation. Admins can also reactivate a deactivated user's account. Any deactivated users will be visually indicated throughout the app.

Improvements & fixes

  • Included coordinates in plant material CSV download
  • Fixed display of manual accession number error message
  • Freshened up observation modal
July 14, 2023

Enhanced tag filtering: Now spanning Taxa, Accessions, and Plant Materials

Previously, tags were limited to individual record types, restricting list and map search results to the specific record type where the tag was applied. Now, filter results will show tags applied from all levels, providing a more interconnected view of your plant records.

For example, filtering for a tag applied to a taxon will return the associated accessions and plant materials. Filtering for a tag applied to an accession will return the associated plant materials.

June 30, 2023

Create new sites

Admins can now create new collection sites from the Settings or Sites page. Whether you manage multiple gardens or facilities, each site can now be easily created and configured with a few clicks.

Improvements & fixes

  • Improved site map center point selection
  • Fixed previously deleted material appearing in CSV downloads
  • Fixed issue where updating site center point would not reflect on map
June 12, 2023

Better map flows and improvements to managing mapped materials

Introducing a range of new map flows and improvements for that true "maps-first" experience with several improvements, as requested by the community:

  • Create new material from map points: Simply click on a point on the map to a new material based on that location.
  • Edit metadata of selected map materials: Make quick updates to mapped materials without the need to navigate away from the map view.
  • Make observations of selected map materials: Record last observed date, material quality, and follow-up cycle directly from the mapped list.
  • Sort the map list by material columns
  • View device's position with real-time updates: Real-time updates of your device's position now helps you map your materials with greater ease.
  • Highlight material on the map when hovering on the map list: Hover over the material on the map list, to see the corresponding material highlighted on the map, making it easier to identify the location of specific materials.
  • Position material using a point's hover menu on the map: Re-position materials more easily with a quick access button shown on the hover menu.
June 9, 2023

Introducing Taxon Tagging

You can now categorise your taxa with tags. As with Plant Material tags and Accession tags, these allow you to organise your taxa list based on specific characteristics or attributes. Analysing your tagged taxa can also provide insights into (e.g.) the distribution, diversity, or characteristics of specific plant types that exist in your collection.

May 31, 2023

"Refer and Save" with our new referral program

Refer a friend to Hortis and enjoy mutual benefits. Your referred garden receives a 10% discount on their first invoice, while you receive the same amount off your next renewal. Save even more with each additional referral. To participate, simply log in to Hortis and click on the "Refer & Save" link in the main navigation.


  • Added ‘Very poor’ material condition
  • Improved app start-up reliability & performance
May 9, 2023

Manage your taxa with local taxonomy

Enhance your taxonomic data as we introduce taxon records, enabling you to record author citations, common names, and notes. Browse all taxa from your organisation or individual collection sites, and enjoy more efficient accessioning. This pivotal milestone also opens up exciting future possibilities for integration with taxonomic datasets.

Full list of new taxonomy-related features:

  • Taxon record page with activity log and related accessions and plant materials
  • List of taxa for the Organisation and Collection Sites, including searching, sorting & filtering
  • Taxon in “breadcrumb” navigation scheme for all records 
  • Create, update and archive taxa within your organisation
  • View activity related to taxa on site dashboards
  • Select from your taxa (or add a new taxon) when creating accessions
  • Download list of taxa as CSV


  • Show most recent site in navigation when visiting organisation pages
  • Location input now filters by code and additionally location name
  • Fixed date picker formatting in NZ locale
April 13, 2023

Updated navigation and material received filter

Revamped navigation experience

The navigation side bar just got a fresh update. Enjoy a more intuitive and streamlined experience as you find your way around our platform.

New filter for "Material Received"

You can now easily filter your list of accessions based on the type of material received (such as Plant, Seed, Cutting, etc.). Like all of our filters, this can be combined with the search bar for a more powerful search.


  • Fixed map incorrectly displaying site center on desktop
March 30, 2023

Enhanced dashboard with team activity

Your garden's activity, at a glance

The dashboard has been enhanced with a new activity card, showing recent record changes to accessions or materials.

You can also see historical counts of records, including changes to your totals compared to the past month. Tap the helper text for more information on how those record totals are calculated.

Starting with a fresh site without any records? Your provenance chart awaits...

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