Newsletter: January 2023

Waheed Arshad, PhD
February 6, 2023

The Hortis team kicked off 2023 by joining Species360 (read about this news here). Thanks to your valuable feedback, we made some requested improvements and deployed a couple of new features. These included accession sorting and filtering, joining and leaving collection sites, and the ability to change your organisation name. Read more about January’s highlights below.

Sort accessions and apply filters to narrow your search

You can now filter your accession records based on Provenance, Donor/Supplier, Accession Notes, and even Tags. Sort by different fields to quickly explore your data. Our header menus will also give you quick access to all of the available sorting and filtering actions.

Join and leave collection sites, and update your organisation’s name

You can now see the list of collection sites that you are a member of, with the option of joining and leaving sites based on your needs. Changing the name of your organisation is also a couple of taps away in the organisation general settings page. Note that only Admins have the option to do this.

Improved flow for creating accessions and adding plant materials

To make accessioning even more efficient, the form now omits the Collection Data screen if your selected Provenance is Garden (G) or Uncertain (U). We have also clarified the steps required to add material, to enable you to get the most out of mapping and adding photographs.

Following some feedback from the community, we have made several other improvements throughout the app:

• List filters are now persisted

Hortis now remembers which Filters you applied to your List, when you navigate in and out of records. Remember to tap "Clear Filters" if you want to see your entire List.

• Login pages have been freshened up

• Fixed material weight/quantity toggle correctly clearing data

• Fixed accession date label inconsistencies

• Fixed country flags appearing pixelated

• Fixed change collection site showing multiple active sites

Updates to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

In light of joining Species360, we have updated our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Our commitment remains unchanged to your privacy and dedication to protect you, your data and your experience on the Hortis platform. To familiarise yourself with the new changes, read the new Terms & Conditions here, and the new Privacy Policy here.

To access a complete list of all the updates, please visit the Release Notes page.

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